Raise your hand if you’re planning on eating your body’s weight in Nan’s roast potatoes over Christmas? Great, us too.

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year. Delicious food, valuable time spent with family and friends, sneaking presents early with the younger cousins. The good things in life all mixed together, that often leaves us feeling rough come Boxing Day.

But, fret no more, for we have the solution to curing the post-Christmas coma. Your local pub. We can see you’re slightly confused. “The pub?” you say, eating the leftover ham straight out of the fridge. Yes, the pub, the perfect place to recover in peace with a cold one in hand to cure the heatstroke (pending Summer weather finally arriving, we see you east coast).

But, we haven’t even got to the good part yet. The Boxing Day Test is one of the greatest sporting events of the year (we’ll stand by that claim). Come the 26th of December, we’ll be sitting down to watch the Aussie’s take on South Africa on day one of the second test. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best pubs across the country to enjoy the best of the Boxing Day Test while in festive recovery. All you need to do is find your closest pub, and we’ll see you at the bar (we’ll be the ones still in Christmas pyjamas).

Here’s our top five pubs to watch the Boxing Day Test this December, and to recover from the Christmas aftermath.


Welcome to the Carine, it’s Duncraig’s favourite local pub and our recommendation as the best place to recover from Christmas Day in Western Australia.

If you’re done looking at the dishes in the sink and the wrapping paper littered in every room of the house, take a break and head to The Carine. A beautifully designed pub, which will make you feel calm, relaxed and ready to start feeling like a human again. 

Huge TV screens ready for your Boxing Day Test viewing pleasure, plus pool tables, lounges and everything else that makes a sports bar great. Grab an ice cold beer, settle into the comfortable environment and relax, you’re in a safe space (free of screaming kids and questions from nosy uncles).


On Beach Road, you’ll be hard pressed to miss The Sandy. An iconic destination along the coastline, where else would you be able to enjoy a drink while overlooking Port Phillip Bay?

Once you step foot inside The Front Bar, you’ll get it. A stunning bar with all the fixings, and a full range of ice cold beer on tap – name a better way to spend your Boxing Day? The Boxing Day Test will be on the big screen, set yourself up on the bar tables or something a bit comfier if you’d prefer to be horizontal.

Better yet, for a breath of fresh ocean air, take a seat up on the balcony. Good views, good brews and the rest of your Christmas holidays to enjoy, cheers.


We’re pretty confident in claiming that the Coopers Alehouse Gepps Cross has one of the best beer gardens in the country. But don’t ask us, just ask the loyal crew of regulars who call this place their local.

A tonne of lounges, couches and seating areas, big enough to fit the whole group or just you if you’d prefer to recover from Christmas solo. Here you’ll be able to watch on the outdoor screens, which will give you the ability to accurately judge if it’s an LBW or not (doesn’t matter what the field umpire says). 

And the cherry on top, if the weather has turned it on and the sun is out, the team will retract the roof to let those extra rays in.

A huge range of cold beer on tap or a selection of local and imported wine if you’re more inclined – there’s something for everyone.


Have you met Teddy yet? A good bloke in our opinion, and the latest sports bar in the ‘Gong, our pick for Christmas recovery.

Sitting alongside the North Gong Hotel, Teddy’s is everything an Aussie sports bar should be. Gigantic screens everywhere you look (seriously, we’re not kidding). The perfect food to eat while you’ve got your eyes fixed on the action, and arcade games for a little competition on the side. Teddy’s is for the cricket fanatics and lovers of a cold one, two categories we identify with strongly.

Raise a glass with mates, or by yourself, we won’t judge, and soak up the atmosphere. You’ll be among like-minded sports fans here.


If you’re after a relaxing space, perfect for sitting back with a beer in hand and watching the big screen then The Broady is for you.

The Sports Bar is set up so that you can grab a fresh brew from one of the many beer taps, while watching Pat Cummins bowl a fast one down the green. The fresh ocean air is enough to perk you back to life.

If you’re after more food (we can understand if you’ll want to pass on this one), a delicious menu awaits to serve any salty cravings.

There you have it, some of the best spots to head to when you’re ready to face the world again. We’ve got a feeling the Aussies will be in fine form, particularly off the recent results in test one against the West Indies, which makes the Boxing Day even better viewing.

Whether you’re solo, surrounded by family and friends or are just keen to head somewhere for a drink, you’ll always be welcome at your local.

But where can I watch the Boxing Day Test near me? Find your nearest pub right here.

Find out the full Cricket Australia schedule here.