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Metal / Hard Rock • Rock • Tribute

GUNNERS. A revival of the most dangerous rock n roll band to hit the hard rock scene, Guns n Roses. 
Gunners take pride in bringing to life the hard-hitting rock sound that Gun’s n Roses were made so famous for. Beginning with the debut release “Appetite For Destruction” and carried through to their mega double album, “Use Your Illusion”. Both of which are covered extensively and painstakingly accurate by GUNNERS, With such hits as Sweet Child O Mine, Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City and many more. Over 2 hours
In short, GUNNERS Is a World Class act which always delivers the goods.

It is what it says!! Opening up for GUNNERS this show is a relentless showcase of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson hits, coming to life from this powerhouse all-star show!

Sat 8 Jun 2024 • 7.30pm

GUNNERS – The Guns N Roses Show

688 Ipswich Road, Annerley, QLD
Tickets from $28.60

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