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Suitable for ALL ages – even the adults love it!

DINOMANIA is a highly interactive dinosaur adventure which is suitable for the whole family!
At this ‘family show spectacular’, let your imagination run wild as you embark on an awe
inspiring, exhilarating and gripping journey with Toby the T-Rex, Razor the Raptor, Tara the

Dino Queen, Shaun the Dino Doctor, plus special guests!

There are plenty of surprises, songs, jokes and dancing, as well as exciting opportunities for
the audience to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs. You may even be lucky
enough to be picked out of the audience to join in the fun on stage!
Bring your family, buckle up and let DINOMANIA take you on a fun journey of pure roarsomeness.

Wed 7 Apr 2021 • 10.30am

Real Dinosaurs – DINOMANIA

19 Williamsons Road, Doncaster, VIC
Tickets from $17.85

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