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The Allniters: Australia’s Legendary Ska Band Embarks on "Times Up" Final Tour


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – May 14, 2024 – Brace yourselves for the ultimate ska showdown as The Allniters, Australia’s iconic ska pioneers, gear up for their epic farewell tour, "Times Up"! With five original members still igniting the stage after an incredible 44-year journey, this promises to be a celebration like no other. From their groundbreaking hit "Montego Bay" to their trailblazing role in shaping the Australian ska scene, The Allniters have left an indelible mark on music history.


As they traverse through four decades of unforgettable hits, from chart-toppers like "I Hold On & Love and Affection" to electrifying performances alongside musical giants, The Allniters invite fans old and new to join them for one last hoorah. Take advantage of this historic event as The Allniters bid farewell in style, spreading their infectious ska vibes across major 



Starting team:

Peter (Trav) Travis – vocals (original member)

Marty (le-Hemperor) Fabok – guitar (original member)

Perry (Pezzo) Andronos – bass (original member)

Brett (Patsy) Pattinson – vocals/bad jokes (original member)

Stuart (Stuey Bedhog) Crysell – guitar (original member)

Sara O’Connor – ( Vocals)

Patrick Muldrew (The Giggles Brass) – trombone and tuba 

Simon Wale – drums (member from 1986)

Simon Smith – keyboards & vocals (since 2000)

Scott Kelly – sax (The Giggles Brass)

John Penning – (Trumpet)(The Giggles Brass)


Sat 9 Nov 2024 • 7.00pm

The Allniters “Times Up Tour” + The Seven of Ska + Listen Up

688 Ipswich Road, Annerley, QLD
Tickets from $50.00

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