About this tour

The Hum Tour

Formed in 1989 in Poway, California, Unwritten Law have been operational in 5 different decades. With a history of lineup changes, this incarnation of the band have been steady since 2014.

“It almost feels like a new band” says long time singer Scott Russo.

If there was one word to describe this latest endeavor, it would be; serendipitous. Everything that lead up to the bands 7th studio release The Hum seems to have been written in the stars. “We were supposed to hand the record in the month the pandemic hit and it just wasn’t there.” says Russo. “The label was like, we don’t want to put it out till you can tour so…we took an extra year to make sure we had it, and we did”.

With almost a decade alongside brother and bassist Jonny Grill, founding drummer Wade Youman, and guitarists Chris Lewis and Scotty Mac, the band has never been stronger. With their latest release “The Hum”, the band has brought forth a conceptual work that rings loudly in todays oversaturated music space.