Spring Racing Carnival is a huge sporting milestone on the Australian calendar and it also marks the start of the celebratory summer season for many (us especially). Whether you’re in it for the punt, the fashion or the general festivities, it is an iconic event embedded in our culture and one that deserves a glass of sparkling or two.

While you could pour a glass of bubbly and kick up your feet on the couch to watch the races, where’s the fun in that? If you need some motivation, look no further. Here are a few reasons why your local is the best place to catch the Carnival this Spring Racing season, without any bias from a group of pub-loving legends such as ourselves.


Friendly service, fun crowds and TV screens throughout. Not sure there’s a better combination for watching the Spring Racing Carnival. Have we even mentioned the pot and parma combo yet? If there’s one thing your local has that the lounge room doesn’t, it’s atmosphere. Go on, get out and celebrate the Carnival this year.

Drinks On-Demand

Seems simple and pretty straightforward, but who doesn’t love ordering a  beer at the bar and having it in your hand within moments? It’s way better than the last-minute bottle shop run in the middle of the race. Whether it’s a freshly poured pint, bottle of bubs or the perfectly mixed spirit, your local does it best.

Get “Pro Tips” From the Regular Punters

If you’re not a regular punter, the big race days are the time to get into your local and try your luck. Get chatting with some of the people at the pub for tips and tricks on the races and see how you go! If nothing else, at least you’ll meet some new faces and hopefully learn a thing or two.

It’s Not Only About the Melbourne Cup

Spring Racing Carnival technically kicks off at the beginning of September and goes until the end of November. While the Melbourne Cup is the Race that Stops the Nation, there are plenty of other races to catch throughout the Carnival. Other key races include Everest Day, Derby Day, Oaks Day and Stakes Day, among others. So if you can’t make it in for Melb Cup, head to your local for one of the other races.