The sun is shining, the beers are refreshingly icy cold, and your local pub is humming, the last weekend in September is here. 

It’s Grand Final weekend, and no matter which code you follow, which team you’ve dedicated your season to, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that this truly is the best time of year. 

We could sit here and give you a detailed rundown of the season to date, but you already know what’s been going on. Pies fans cried tears of happiness as they got over the line by a point, Carlton fans just cried (let’s not talk about it). The Panthers earnt themselves a shot to go back to back, and the Broncos pulled off the unthinkable to get their fairytale finish.

But the real question on everyone’s lips, where can I watch all the Grand Final action this weekend? Look no further, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’re all about the multiple bowls of hot chips, the run-ins with familiar faces at the bar and ‘BAAAALLLLLLL’ being heard within 100m of every pub in the country. Here’s our top recommendations for where to watch in each state this weekend.


The beauty about the Brass Monkey Hotel is that you’ll have somewhere to enjoy the game, no matter if you’re inside or out. The place to be in Perth on Grand Final day, the Patriots Bar will be in full swing. Choose from a huge number of regular and big screens to watch, or get your mates into one of the private screening booths (for those who need a bit of privacy in case there are any tears).

Or, and our recommended option, head out into the beer garden to cheer along with the rest of the regulars over a few fresh beers and delicious footy-watching-friendly food, the perfect combination.


One of the newest sports bars on the Gong, Teddy’s goes off every time there’s a major sporting event (trust us, we’re talking from personal experience).

Sitting alongside the North Gong Hotel, gigantic screens fill out every wall you look at. Arcade games ready for a bit of healthy competition on the side, a huge range of ice cold beer on tap, plus the kitchen can whip up a perfect menu to eat while your eyes are locked on the action.

Penrith fans will be flocking through the doors come Sunday 1 October, we suggest locking this place in with the group chat now.


So, the 2023 season might not have gone the way South Australian fans might have hoped. But, I think we’ll all agree that Grand Final day still is one of the best on the calendar (nod your head even if you disagree). 

The Village Hotel is a local favourite for a reason. An open beer garden, long bench seating, ice cold beer available on tap thanks to the outdoor bar, and big screens to catch the action on.

If the weather isn’t on, the sports bar here is just as good, with huge screens around the bar so you don’t miss a minute of the action.


The Highpoint Hotel is one of the best sports bars in the country, and this week, we have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to get a heavy workout this coming Saturday. Collingwood fans (and a small selection of Brisbane Lions too) will descend into this place to watch all the Grand Final action, and you can best believe, we’ll be in the contingent enjoying the atmosphere.

Huge TV screens on every wall you look at, a tonne of lounges and chairs for the whole crew to enjoy. And we might add, the menu is a pretty good match to watching the big sporting moments (the fried chicken wings are a definite must).


It’s a big weekend for Queensland, with the Lions and the Bronco’s both representing the maroon over Grand Final weekend. Best believe the Sunnybank Hotel is the place to head to, to enjoy the very best of the weekend, you’ll be among like minded fans here.

Sitting within close proximity to the old QE2 Stadium, it’s an institution amongst Queenslanders, everyone will have had a beer at the Sunny. With a recent renovation, the team have looked to expand on what the locals love, with massive screens in their sports bar (including three HD projectors), there isn’t a spot in the pub with a bad view.

The Sunny is the place to be this weekend to see Queensland represented on the two biggest stages in Australian sport.

Five picks across the country that will provide the very best viewing come the AFL and NRL Grand Finals (don’t say we never gave you anything). No matter what part of the nation you call home, your local pub is the best place to watch all the action. 

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