How have Kingswood been on the scene for over a decade? We still remember hearing their debut single Yeah Go Die on the radio, pumping through the car stezza, as if it were yesterday! The sound-shifting four-piece from Melbourne are now four albums into their career – and that’s not counting their Christmas album: 2020’s A Kingswood Christmas! – and have warmed up stages for AC/DC and Aerosmith along the way. You see Kingswood legit road dogs, which is why they’re so brilliant live. For us, it’s all about the vocal harmonies between guitarist Alex Laska and frontman Fergus Linacre – friends since childhood.

With Kingswood’s epic Australian tour almost underway, keep a keen eye out for their custom-built sleeper bus, which will be navigating wide open roads all around this Great Southern Land. Shows have been announced for 60 cities so far, with the promise of more to follow. Wonder whether their sleeper bus will be a Kingswood? 

Yeah Go Die (2011)

I mean, how unreal would it be if your debut single was added to high rotation on triple j? That’d have to be every band’s dream, right? Well, such was the case for Kingswood with Yeah Go Die. Then Kingswood’s blazing debut album, Microscopic Wars, was nominated for an ARIA! Talk about kicking goals. You’ve gotta admit they were killer from the get-go, though. You can totally tell Alex Laska and Fergus Linacre have been playing in bands together for a bloody long time; the pair went to school together and were in their first band, called Sweet Garlic, when they were just 11.

Golden (2017)

The second single release from Kingswood’s second studio album, After Hours, Close To Dawn – with its more soulful, laidback sound pissing off the band’s OG fans, who thought they were selling out or chart-chasing – Golden is Gold-certified in Australia. It’s also Kingswood’s most-streamed song on Spotify, by a long shot, and we can totally understand why. Golden is a twinkling, poptastic track, which wonderfully showcases their trademark exquisite harmonies. It really does sound like chilling outside on a hammock under a palm tree, golden ale in hand while basking in dappled, golden sunlight. 

Say My Name (2017)

We personally reckon Kingswood’s cover of Say My Name is a deadset contender for Best Like A Version eva! We’re not alone in thinking this, either, since the band’s rendition of Destiny’s Child’s R&B banger broke the internet the day it dropped and also made the cut for Volume Thirteen of the Like A Version compilation that year. Props to Alex for that ripping guitar solo, as well (which definitely does not exist in the original). The additional brass section and female BV duo slot in so well, too; reckon Kingswood could give Teskey Brothers a run for their money if they veered a wee bit further towards bluesy soul. Way to put your versatility on display, Kingswood! 

Bittersweet (2020)

Kingswood’s critically acclaimed Juveniles record saw them trimming down to a core duo of just Ferg and Alex. In terms of sonic territory, Kingswood’s third album almost stands with one foot in each of the preceding two – talk about pigeon-hole dodgers! The riff-driven Bittersweet was ranked Triple M’s #1 Most Played Song in the country, ferchrissakes! That’s just wild.

Burning Holes (2022)

A stripped-back, slow-burning acoustic number that digs deeper into emotional landscapes than Kingswood have previously, Burning Holes – recorded “all live, all in one performance” – was the band’s first new music in over two-and-a-half years when it came out. It’s also the first taste of Kingswood’s fourth album.

Friday, February 10 2023
York on Lilyday, Mount Evelyn VIC
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Saturday, February 11 2023
Chelsea Heights Hotel, Chelsea Heights VIC
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