We can approach this in two ways (to keep everyone happy). If you’re from New South Wales, commiserations, we’re holding you in our thoughts after that game. If you’re from Queensland, it’s party time. We’re there with you, raising a glass to the boys in Maroon.

With that out of the way, Game II was something else wasn’t it? The Maroons led from the front, dominating the Blues on every line, wrapping up the series in spectacular fashion. Sports bars everywhere went wild when Jeremiah Nanai delivered the final blow for Queensland.

So with one game to go, on Wednesday 12 July, and pride on the line for New South Wales, we’ve got a list of the best places to watch Game III. Where if nothing else goes right, the real winner here will be footy (right… Blues fans?). 

Breakfast Creek Hotel, QLD

What a time to be a Queenslander, after a dominant performance in Game I and Game II, we get to sit back and enjoy Game III, no matter what the outcome is. That being said, we think our boys in Maroon will turn up the heat for the last game of the series.
What better place to watch it at, than the Breakfast Creek Hotel? An icon in Queensland (and really across the country), but that might have something to do with the outdoor beer garden being constantly cast in a stream of sunlight? You’ll be surrounded by like minded Maroons fans (and maybe the one or two brace Blues supporters). A massive selection of beers on tap, and a delicious menu to go with it, this should be your destination for Game III.

Ettamogah Hotel, NSW

Blues fans, commiserations. It hasn’t been the series you thought it would be. We feel for you, we really do, but with one more game to go and NSW pride on the line, I think we’ll see a different side come out for this game.

The Ettamogah Hotel, or better known as the Etta by locals, has the perfect Lounge Bar to catch the third and final game. More than 19 choices of ice cold beer on tap, and the perfect sports bar menu to go with it, you’ll have a gigantic projector screen to catch all the action plus 15 TV screens throughout the area. Whether you’re walking out with your head held high or in a puddle of tears, you’ll still feel part of something here.

When is Game III?

The third and final instalment of the 2023 State of Origin series takes place Wednesday 12 July, pride will be on the line for the Blues, and the Maroons will be looking to finish what has been an impeccable series so far.

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